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Contrôle surfacique

surface NDT

Our skills in Dye penetrant inspection, Magnetic particle inspection and Visual/Dimensional analysis let us check on surface integrity and detect cracks and lesions.

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Our team cover the whole french country and the world to provide a mobile and specific inspection service.

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Contrôle volumique

Volume NDT

Radiography and Ultrasounds fit to inspect matter in depth and evaluate its cohesion.

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We are engaged in a work demanding high quality criteria.

ISO 9001

Certification #3-1785

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Strong values, recognized for more than 45 years

Operational effectiveness
Customer service
Quality and rigor
 Technical skills
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Our local agencies

Our 4 national agencies ensure a national geographic cover.

Recognized expertise

We follow your activities around the world by offering a quick reactivity and the same quality level as in France.